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Exciting team pursuits on We Luv Bingo


More than 150 games and 10,000 in guaranteed jackpots are available every week on We Luv Bingo, which is encouraging team playing through a special game.

The exciting Team Bingo showcase takes place on the online bingo site every month, with a staggering five million bingo points, equivalent to £5,000, being offered in prize money.

All punters need to do to be in with a chance of getting a slice of this bounty is create a team of up to four players and give it a name and send the details to the website.

Every bingo played by members during the month counts and points will be awarded the moment players achieve victory.

Bargains are also being offered on the site in the form of free-to-play bingo games with real cash prizes on the house being offered. Players can enjoy free bingo daily between 10:15am and 10:15pm.

A 100 per cent cashmatch bonus is being offered on all first deposits up to the value of £150.

Written by John Smith

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