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There's a fantastic month of bingo ahead at Bingo Fabulous, so let's have a cheeky look at the games you can play today and throughout the month.

Today and every Monday you can grab yourself double loyalty points between 4pm and 6pm in Bingo Fabulous' happy hour. I know, I know – it's two hours but you know what they say – double the loyalty points, double the hourage!

If you want some folding money in your pocket, pop along at 8.45pm this evening and you could win a £100 guaranteed jackpot. Don't worry if you miss it today – you can play every day of the week and it’s just 10p a card!

And let's not forget that every month, you could get your water, gas or electricity bills paid for you. Play on the pattern games and you'll be entered into the end-of-month draw. The more you play, the better your chances.

So be fabulous and click the link below now.

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Now that the first windows of your advent calendar have been flung open, I'm sure you online bingo babes will agree that the countdown to Christmas is certainly here.

Happy Hour to commence at Bingo Fabulous (14/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I know it can be a right chore when we online bingo lovelies are hit with another manic Monday, especially on the back of a fun-filled weekend.

Bingo Fabulous blows out its 2,000 Autumn Windfall (24/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I share you're pain online bingo ladies that another summer has passed us by and we are now having to wrap up in our long coats for autumn.

Bingo Fabulous dishing out a 100% Welcome Bonus (06/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
What's that you say, you're an online bingo lady who has never had the chance to explore the wonderful sights and sounds of Bingo Fabulous?This shocking discovery should be dealt with as quickly as possible, with the site treating you for gracing it with your presence.

Bingo Fabulous presents its tasty Coverall Games (16/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I don't believe I can think of a better way for you online bingo babes to usher in another exciting weekend than nabbing a horde of cash.

pound coin
Bingo Fabulous treats us to a 6,000 Free 4 All (24/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Your heart probably sinks when you online bingo ladies check your purse funds and see just a cobweb for company.

Bingo Fabulous presents a bumper Loyalty Program (21/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
How would you lucky ladies like to be rewarded for feeding your online bingo habits? Then head to Bingo Fabulous today.

Happy Hour on call at Bingo Fabulous (11/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
There was a time when Bob Geldof and his Boomtown Rats were pleading with us online bingo ladies to tell them why they don't like Mondays.

posh kitchen
Heavens Kitchen at Bingo Fabulous (24/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey online bingo babes, a little birdie told me that you have a knack for getting the chef's hat on and serving up some succulent dishes.

Freebie Frenzy at Bingo Fabulous (07/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Is your money tin feeling a little light, online bingo bunnies? Well, fear no more with Bingo Fabulous.

Bingo Fabulous All Aboard Cruise Alaska (26/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
There are few things more indulgent than a cruise holiday.

Bingo Fabulous 1m Coveralls (13/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
What would you do with a million pounds, online bingo ladies? Go shopping for a new house? A new car? The holiday of a lifetime? Oh a girl can dream.

   Bingo Fabulous 2,000 Easter Extravaganza!
Bingo Fabulous 2,000 Easter Extravaganza! (19/04/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you hopping mad for Easter? We're nearly there, online bingo ladies and Bingo Fabulous is marking the occasion with some very special prizes.

   Bingo Fabulous Happy Hour
Bingo Fabulous Happy Hour (04/04/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Monday Monday, so good to me!The Mamas and the Papas may well have been singing about the Happy Hour at Bingo Fabulous, ladies, because they can't wait to be good to their online bingo lovelies.

   Wheely Bingo Fabulous
Wheely Bingo Fabulous (21/02/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
The wheels on the bus go round and round every Tuesday over at Bingo Fabulous although you'll have to make sure you get there on time ? as they don't go all day long.

   Bingo Fabulous fab jackpots
Bingo Fabulous fab jackpots (12/01/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
What would make playing online bingo more fabulous for you bingo babes.

Bingo Fabulous
Bingo Fabulous (18/11/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
With buying the presents and all the food and drink, the festive season costs a fortune.

Bingo Fabulous Bills Offer
Bingo Fabulous Bills Offer (03/11/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Bingo Fabulous know how to light up your life.

Bingo Fabulous Jackpot
Bingo Fabulous Jackpot (13/10/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Bingo Fabulous really are a fabulous lot.

Bingo Fabulous holiday bonanza
Bingo Fabulous holiday bonanza (15/09/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
If you missed out on the Caribbean cruise competition that's just finished at Bingo Fabulous, don't despair.

Get cooking with Bingo Fabulous
Get cooking with Bingo Fabulous (02/09/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey there online bingo babes! Now with the kiddies back at school what better excuse do you have than getting Bingo Fabulous, this Thursday?There are more than fifteen hundred pounds of prizes to be won every week.

Bingo pays the bills at Bingo Fabulous
Bingo pays the bills at Bingo Fabulous (02/09/2010)
Players can get their water, gas or electricity bills paid by Bingo Fabulous.

Cruise to the Caribbean with Bingo Fabulous
Cruise to the Caribbean with Bingo Fabulous (26/08/2010)
Bingo Fabulous is offering "the trip of a lifetime" in an ongoing promotion.

Be Bingo Fabulous on cool prize Thursday
Be Bingo Fabulous on cool prize Thursday (19/08/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
If you are feeling footloose, fancy-free and fabulous as the weekend approaches – why not get frisky down at Bingo Fabulous today!Their big Thursday fabulous prizes include a 42-inch flat screen TV, which is surely just the thing to keep the kiddywinks out of trouble this summer holiday!Games take place every other Thursday at 9.

Bingo Fabulous is top of the class
Bingo Fabulous is top of the class (09/08/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
There're top prizes for the best students at Bingo Fabulous.

Team games available at Bingo Fabulous
Team games available at Bingo Fabulous (05/08/2010)
There is the chance to win £1,000 in Bingo Fabulous' team bingo competition every month.

Head back to school with Bingo Fabulous
Head back to school with Bingo Fabulous (30/07/2010)
Schools out at Bingo Fabulous and there are some great prizes to be won.

Go cruising with Bingo Fabulous
Go cruising with Bingo Fabulous (20/07/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Ahoy there, shipmates! Do you landlubbers want to hop aboard my hearty vessel and become a pirate of the Caribbean? Well, more specifically the Western Caribbean… and it's not my vessel, more's the pity.

Cocktail fun at Bingo Fabulous
Cocktail fun at Bingo Fabulous (16/07/2010)
Bingo Fabulous is giving away cocktail starter packs to winners this weekend.

Pay the bills with Bingo Fabulous
Pay the bills with Bingo Fabulous (08/07/2010)
Let Bingo Fabulous pay your water, gas or electricity bills.

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