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With the Easter holidays coming up, I'm sure there are lots of you online bingo ladies thinking about how to entertain your little monsters.

Taking them out would be lovely, but your to-do list doesn't disappear when the kids are off school ? more's the pity!

If this sounds familiar, then there are some brilliant pre-buy games over at Bingo Scotland that could be the answer to your prayers.

From 8pm every Friday, there's a Playstation, Sony PSP or Nintendo DS up for grabs on the Huge Pre-Buy Prize Games.

So get over there, buy your tickets in advance and you could have the perfect thing to keep the young 'uns from under your toes.
Just click the link below. ADNFCR-2306-ID-19954622-ADNFCR

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Don't tell me that you're an online bingo babe who has never seen the treats at Bingo Scotland ? shock horror! Give me a second to get my breath back after that big gasp.

Hot Numbers on the loose at Bingo Scotland (25/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
The weather outside may be getting chilly but the temperature's certainly heating up when it comes dipping into some online bingo action.

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If you're an online bingo babe like me, you'll get the shivers every time you hear there's a critter on the loose.

All's Fair at Bingo Scotland (09/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
All you online bingo cuties are sure to have heard the expression all's fair in love and war ? but what about bingo?Sometimes it just doesn't seem right that some people are playing with more cards than they can shake a stick at!Well now with Bingo Scotland you have the chance to even up the odds in its brand new All's Fair game.

Bingo Scotland ensures Alls Fair (27/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
It can be really annoying when we online bingo ladies seem to be losing out on every jackpot because another player is holding all the luck.

Bingo Scotland urges you to Refer A Friend (18/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey ladies, I suggest you heighten your joy levels by inviting some of your mates to experience some online bingo treats.

Bingo Scotland keeps up the fun factor with its Embedded Games (07/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you're an online bingo lady who is able to juggle multiple tasks around with ease, then Bingo Scotland may just take your fancy.

Bingo Scotland shows off its Legs Eleven (28/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
With the sun getting its hat back on and the temperatures jumping up once more, many of you online bingo babes have the chance to bask in an Indian summer.

Hot Numbers dished out by Bingo Scotland (19/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
It's the start of another long week, so I suggest you online bingo babes try and counter the Monday blues with a helpful remedy from Bingo Scotland.

Alls Fair at Bingo Scotland (08/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you want more equality when playing some online bingo, then I have the perfect site for you lucky ladies to visit.

Find the Money Spider at Bingo Scotland (29/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you're like me, most spiders will get you online bingo babes to unleash an ear-piercing scream and run for the hills.

Tasty Welcome Bonuses at Bingo Scotland (18/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I have loads of reasons why you online bingo ladies should take a trip over to sample the treats on offer at Bingo Scotland.

Climb to the Coverall Peak with Bingo Scotland (10/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Get those hiking boots on online bingo lovelies, because I've got a hefty task that could get you rolling in the pounds.

Delve into the Scot Pot at Bingo Scotland (01/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you're looking for something a little adventurous this week online bingo babes, then Bingo Scotland may be the perfect destination to head along to.

Bingo Scotland offers register bonuses (21/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you're tired of going to the same old online bingo websites, maybe a trip over to the delights of Bingo Scotland is in order.

iPhone Insanity at Bingo Scotland (14/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Whether we're on the edge of glory with Lady Gaga or rolling in the deep thanks to Adele, songs are the best tonic to get us online bingo babes shaking our booties.

pound coins
Progressive Pound jackpot found at Bingo Scotland (06/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Sometimes in life hitting a winning streak immediately can feel like an impossible task, am I right online bingo babes?Well, Bingo Scotland is making sure that we don't miss out on a juicy cash flow, just because we fail to win the big game straight away.

Reach the Coverall Peak at Bingo Scotland (29/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey online bingo babes, be sure to reach for your hiking boots before you head to Bingo Scotland today.

Win gadgets galore at Bingo Scotland
Win gadgets galore at Bingo Scotland (28/06/2011)
Bingo Scotland regularly has gadgets to give away.

Appeal of Bingo Scotland Loyalty Scheme (20/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
We all like to be given some treats from time to time, I'm sure you'll agree online bingo ladies.

Bingo Scotland Game Goodies (10/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey online bingo bunnies, don't forget that the summer holidays are just around the corner.

pound coins
Bingo Scotland Progressive Jackpots (03/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
What's your favourite thing about online bingo, ladies? Is it the thrill of winning, or the anticipation of sitting on one to go?Maybe you love surprise winnings, when you just don't quite know what you're going to get?At Bingo Scotland, you'll have the chance to play a game that is all three of those things rolled into one, with the daily Progressive Jackpots.

coverall peak
Bingo Scotland Coverall Peak (25/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you ready to climb to the peak, online bingo fans?No need to get your walking boots or waterproof jacket out though ? just head to Bingo Scotland for their amazing Coverall Peak promotion.

Nintendo DS
Bingo Scotland Game Goodies (13/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I've got a little secret, online bingo fans - even though I tell my other half I hate him playing on his games console, it's just that I want a go.

Bingo Scotland Huge Pre Buy Prize Games (05/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you lost without your mobile phone, online bingo lovers? How about your MP3 player?And are you always looking for a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop?If this sounds like you, Bingo Scotland might have something that could make your life a whole lot easier.

coverall peak
Bingo Scotland Coverall Peak (27/04/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you ready to scale some heady height, online bingo fans?Because Bingo Scotland has got some fantastic prizes for ladies who are willing to climb all the way to the top!Wednesdays mean the Coverall Peak promotion will be in full swing this evening from 8pm.

   Bingo Scotland Huge Pre-Buy Prize Games
Bingo Scotland Huge Pre Buy Prize Games (31/03/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
The Girl Guides have got the right idea ? their motto is "be prepared" and, you know what online bingo lovelies, it always pays off!Over at Bingo Scotland, the Huge Pre-Buy Prize Games prove that thinking ahead can have massive benefits.

   Bingo Scotland go mad
Bingo Scotland go mad (18/03/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Events over at Bingo Scotland this month have spiralled out of all control with things over there turning as crazy as a mad March hare as they prepare to give away over 10,000 of bingo cash.

   Bingo Scotland workout
Bingo Scotland workout (23/02/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Forget doing bicep curls, grapevines, lunges squats and starjumps, in fact ? ditch the aerobic class completely online bingo babes.

   Bingo Scotland marathon
Bingo Scotland marathon (16/02/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
How far can you run online bingo babes?How about a mile? Or maybe two? Or is it all measured in kilometres nowadays anyway?Now I'm not a bad runner, but I haven't got even half the amount of stamina of the progressive jackpots over at Bingo Scotland.

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