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There's nothing nicer than a sweet, sugary bun with a cup of tea, is there online bingo lovelies?

How about a nice slice of Battenberg, or even a croissant if you're feeling continental?

Well Bingo Boogie knows how much you love your treats and from today until Sunday May 15th, there's a promotion to mark National Doughnut Week.

At 9pm and 10pm each night in Room 1, online bingo fans can indulge their sweet tooth by playing doughnut-themed games with a huge £1,000 prize pot.

Bingo on one line and you'll bag £100, two lines will give you £200 and a full house will earn a whopping £700.
Imagine the number of muffins you can buy with that!

Click the link below to play the game that's good enough to eat.

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