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I'm sure most of you online bingo ladies have seen those colourful scratchcards that are displayed in your local newsagents.

Plenty of fun can be had with these, as you start peeling away the numbers and see that you're just one number off a huge win.

Luckily, with Red Bus Bingo you don't even need to leave your house to experience this thrill, thanks to its Scratch To Win promotion.

All you need to do to obtain a card is make a first deposit on the site between £5 and £100.

Do this and you'll see a Red Bus Bingo Scratchcard heading your way, which could withhold a bonus up to 2000 per cent ? just imagine all that free cash!

Start scratching to success by clicking the link below.

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red bus bingo
Red Bus Bingo invites you to its Beefeater Chat Game (01/12/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
As well as trying to win the biggest jackpots, I'm sure you ladies would also love a nice little gossip while indulging in online bingo heaven.

Spend a Penny at Red Bus Bingo (08/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
It's Tuesday and I think you hot online bingo babes should give yourselves a well earned treat.

red bus bingo
Red Bus Bingo rolls into the £2k Big Smoke (28/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
There are always times when you online bingo cuties will come across something which is just too tempting to turn away from.

west end
Red Bus Bingo invites you to the £200 West End (13/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
No doubt you online bingo babes have heard about the fun that can be had from arranging a night out on the West End.

Red Bus Bingo presents its X Factor IG Tourney (28/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last month or so, you'll probably have realised that the X Factor is back.

twenty pounds
Red Bus Bingo opens its Free Zone (15/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you've felt your finances have been strained recently online bingo cuties, then I urge you to hop aboard Red Bus Bingo.

Join the Beefeater Chat Game at Red Bus Bingo (28/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you hoping to take a break from all those online bingo festivities but still be in with a chance of nabbing some delicious goodies?Red Bus Bingo may have just the thing so that you can kill two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes.

Pics For A Penny courtesy of Red Bus Bingo (13/07/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Grab the popcorn and turn those lights down, online bingo lovelies, as I've got a blockbuster promotion to tell you about.

Visit the £200 West End at Red Bus Bingo (30/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Are you a West End girl who likes to boogie on down well into the night, online bingo cuties?Ok, ok, stop dancing for a minute because Red Bus Bingo has a promotion that is sure to get you singing from the rooftops.

winning woman
Red Bus Bingo Boredom Buster Bingo (03/06/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Long journeys can be so boring, can't they online bingo fans? And with it being the half term this week, I'm sure more than a few of you have had to endure one.

Red Bus Bingo Top Up Hop Off (11/05/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
All aboard, online bingo fans! Red Bus Bingo has got a promotion that will be right up your street!Every night from 7pm to midnight, there's a minimum of £30 and a maximum of £500 up for grabs in the brilliant Top Up, Hop Off game.

Westminster Abbey
Red Bus Bingo Big Ben Bonanza (29/04/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Online bingo fans will no doubt have their eyes on Westminster Cathedral today ? but there's another London landmark which could mean big cash prizes.

   Red Bus Bingo Big Ben Bonanza
Red Bus Bingo Big Ben Bonanza (08/04/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Big Ben ? it's one of the most familiar sights of the London skyline and the first stop for any good sightseer in the capital.

   Redbus Bingo tourney
Redbus Bingo tourney (22/03/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I really do think Spring is finally here online bingo fans.

   RedBus Bingo quiz fun
RedBus Bingo quiz fun (04/03/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Sunday is a day of tradition.

   Redbus Bingo biggy
Redbus Bingo biggy (24/02/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
As you all know I'm a northern lass online bingo babes, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice trip down sarf every now and then.

Keep busy with RedBus Bingo
Keep busy with RedBus Bingo (01/02/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I know you've heard tales of my time on the sofa bingo babes, so you'll probably be pleased to hear that this year I'm trying to get out and about a bit more.

   RedBus soap stars
RedBus soap stars (11/01/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If Alfie Moon is your favourite landlord and the word launderette conjurs up images of Dot Cotton in her pinafore, chances are you could be a bit of an ‘enders fan.

Redbus Bingo pics
Redbus Bingo pics (01/12/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Wednesday needn't be about hitting the cinema bingo babes and if you aren't on the right mobile network you don't have to miss out on midweek fun.

Hop on board the free bingo bus today
Hop on board the free bingo bus today (10/11/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Usually when changes are afoot with the buses I get a little narked – like when they alter my bus route or put the prices up, or when they are late and leave me standing about in the rain.

Red Bus Bingo Big Smoke
Red Bus Bingo Big Smoke (28/10/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
There's £2000 up for grabs in the Red Bus Bingo Big Smoke offer.

Red Bus Bingo City Break
Red Bus Bingo City Break (07/10/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Red Bus Bingo are going to almost literally sweep you off your feet.

Big prizes for free with RedBus Bingo
Big prizes for free with RedBus Bingo (22/09/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
It's not every day that you can get something for nothing, online bingo fans, but RedBus Bingo is giving you that every single day.

Redbus Bingo goes to the shows
Redbus Bingo goes to the shows (26/08/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Hey there bingo fans now I don't know about you but I am getting pretty excited about the bank holiday weekend which is fast approaching!So if you have plans to indulge in a bit of glamour over the next couple of days, why not get yourself in the mood by treading the boards with our two-hundred pound West End online bingo game, at Redbus Bingo!That's right, Tony Manero better get himself a new day job because a new kinda fever is cutting up the rug - Thursday Night Fever, with Redbus Bingo!This game kicks-off every other Thursday at 8:30pm in the West End room, with tickets costing only 50p! So why not have it large on RedBus Bingo today, by hitting the tab below! .

Enjoy the ride at Redbus Bingo
Enjoy the ride at Redbus Bingo (10/08/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Hop on and enjoy the ride at Redbus Bingo.

Chomp on the Big Apple at RedBus Bingo
Chomp on the Big Apple at RedBus Bingo (30/07/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
It could be less RedBus and more yellow taxi for one lucky bingo player and their mate if they win a fantastic holiday to New York this Sunday at RedBus Bingo.

Thursday Night Fever at RedBus Bingo
Thursday Night Fever at RedBus Bingo (01/07/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Jump on the Red Bus tonight and get yourself over to the West End for some Thursday Night Fever.

Spread the love at Red Bus Bingo
Spread the love at Red Bus Bingo (08/06/2010) - VIDEO NEWS
Hop on board RedBus Bingo today, online bingo fans, as they're sharing the love – and the cash.

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