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Exclusive ?25 free and extra 750% first deposit bonus


At Landmark Bingo their mission is to provide you with the ultimate online bingo experience. Which you will see as soon as you enter their site! Brilliant offers, promotions and wow even a free bingo room.

You won't believe how easy it is to get up and running on this site, really easy registration and your £10 free is in your account within seconds.

Value for Money - with their generous £10 on the house on top of their usual £15 and an EXTRA 300% bonus of your first three deposits just for readers. This guarantees enough cash in your account to win huge jackpots. With bingo tickets priced at only 10p each, your purchase will last for plenty of games and wins. So just go to live help and give them coupon code OB786 to claim your exclusive extra bonuses!

Landmark Bingo Screenshots

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200% Bonus on your First deposit
250% Bonus on your Second deposit
300% Bonus on your Third deposit

That's a total of 750% on your first three deposits! Exclusive to

Landmark Bingo Stats

Free Money£25
90 Ball
75 Ball
80 Ball
Free Play750%
Free Trial
Loyalty Program
Number of Rooms5
Phone Support
Email Support
Live Chat Support

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Their friendly 24/7 chat hosts and customer care will ensure you receive the highest standards of service.

Landmark Bingo has 90 ball bingo and a massive range of side games including slots and instant games all of which can be played for cash or bonus bucks. All of these games are easily accessible from the games tab on the home page or inside the bingo room so you can have fun switching between games at the same time!

For a brand new site Landmark Bingo certainly have so much to offer so sign up and take advantage of all those fantastic sign up bonuses. This site is going to get even better once they have their additional rooms, new promotions and even the promise of mobile bingo; sign upto to Landmark Bingo and your guaranteed to have an everlasting fantastic bingo experience.

Make sure you get down to Landmark Bingo, otherwise you will miss out!!

 Landmark Bingo Testimonials

  • Thanks so much everyone, I am so honoured to be chosen, I only recently joined Landmark and its been the best laugh ever, Some Brill roomies & Great CH's... First time in my life I've been speechless LOL... Love ya all and a big TY for making me chuckle so much that it hurts LOL. - Doc5491
  • I have played in Landmark for about a month now, and its the most friendly site I have been on. The CMs and players make every session a great time. I've won a few times, and hope everyone will also have a win or two. Thank you for choosing me for Player of the Week, I am grateful and very proud.
    Be Lucky - Sue Martin
  • Hi there my name is Sue Martin and i would like to tell you about Landmarkbingo. This is where a new and exciting bingo community has been formed. Although only established a short while,this site has proved to be one of the friendliest online. The cm's are just great throughout the day and night and there are loads of players just waiting to invite you into their freindly conversations so whatever time you log on you are sure to recieve a warm welcome from both staff and players alike. Also there are the games themselves , there are currently two rooms ,Big Ben which is our 90 ball room and of course we have our very own Buckingham Palace which is a 75 ball room.There are chat games to play all day and night long and unlike most sites you do not need to deposit to take part and win free bonus bucks to spend on you tickets,, we also have mini games to play as well, in which money can be won. So come along and join the fun and see for yourself. We will all be waiting to greet you. - nan22girls
  • hi all at landmarkbingo wow wotta shocker to be voted roomy of the month, after the shock i was beaming like a cheshire cat with pride,but seriously thankyou all so much all at landmarkbingo for making it a pleasure to play the game you are the best bunch i have ever had the priveledge to meet and not forgetting all the lovely cms who work hard at keeping the rooms happy n smiley. once again ty all so much - SAMSASTAR
  • Hi guys u will all know me as Samsastar I am a mum of 6 almost 7 (6weeks to go) lovely children and i relax by having a game of bingo playing at landmark has been great have met some lovely players and some wonderful CMs everyone was very welcoming and friendly and will look forward to many more happy bingo days!!! lol - Andyls322
  • Being the servere bingo maniac I am I have tried most UK Bingo sites and to be honest Landmark is by far the best. Welcome bonuses, promos, chat games...Landmark has it all without the hastle some other sites encounter..... The players are awesome and the friendliest bunch I have met in any bingo site I have visited...A new bonus has just won me over 500bbs for the second week But I can tell you my secret... your have to visit and look out for those ever so special The Hosts are a bunch of raving loonies in a really nice way and keep you entertained throughout your play. This is why in my opinion...Landmark is by far the best online bingo site. You wont loose loads and will gain so much more in new found friendships. Join the craze... Join Landmark Bingo..... Good luck to all and best wishes..... the ever cheeky andyls322..... see you in chat........ BINGO. What a fantastic site, very friendly and always make you feel welcome - merlin311
  • hi peeps, i'm dylan my nana -babs49-wanted me to tell you about this great bingo site-Landmark bingo its perfect for chillin out after a hard day playin beep-bo such friendly chat hosts and roomies check out the great deposit bonuses and promotions- perfect for stretching out your playing money for maximum fun and profit! - babs49Playing at Landmark Bingo was a great experience. Lots of friendly folks and the chat hosts are wonderful.A fair and friendly bingo site is a treasure - bngoluv99 


Landmark Bingo Winners and Jackpots

  • lexi50 £6875.15
  • squibjud4 £2726.43
  • jacvic £1032.00
  • hunnymummy £1023.75
  • gail51 £726.94
  •  queenrocks £794.85
  • amanda666 £533.58
  • bigrob £284.68
  • curinga £284.55
  • catty1000 £204.86



Landmark Bingo Latest Promotions

  • May Patterns - What with all of the bank holidays last month, it could be easy to overlook the fun that May has to offer. But online bingo fans shouldn't miss the brilliant May Patterns promotion that's going on over at Landmark Bingo this month. All you need to do is deposit £25 this week and play your favourite online bingo games to uncover the special pattern. From today until May 21st, you're looking for the letters 'P-O-L-E' underneath your lucky numbers and if you find it, you'll not only win your cracking jackpot, but you'll get a £20 bonus as well. And, of course, there's always that ever sought after full house on offer with all games as normal. Click the link below to do some spring winning.
  • September Sweethearts - make a deposit in September and Landmark Bingo will give you an extra 100%!
  • Shuffle your luck - Everyday there will be 9 lucky winners, 3 in each shift. Winners will get £20, £15 and £10.
  • Play bingo in their 75, 80 or 90 bing room and if you don't win bingo at least once, Landmark Bingo will refund your bingo tickets to your account.
  • £10 - £19  25% Bonus
    £20 - £29  50% Bonus
    £30 - £49  75% Bonus
    £50 and above  100% Bonus
  • Red Bus - Free Bingo Room
  • £15 free joining bonus - no credit card, no deposit, nothing! Just free money.
  • Refer a friend - Get 100% on first deposit and 10% upto 60 days.
  • Mobile Bingo - Coming soon!




Landmark Bingo invites you to its Xmas Bingo Bash (06/12/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
You better watch out, you better not cry because Landmark Bingo's festive bonus is coming to town for all you online bingo cuties to enjoy.

Join the Bingo League with Landmark Bingo (21/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Become a table topper with Landmark Bingo and you online bingo babes will feel like you're celebrating on cloud nine.

Play Money Back Bingo at Landmark Bingo (21/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
The last thing you online bingo ladies want to do to ring in the weekend is to blow a load of your cash.

Become Halloween Haunted with Landmark Bingo (05/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I'd suggest that each of you online bingo lovelies prepare yourself for some scares over the next few weeks.

Visit Gift Land at Landmark Bingo (19/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
Christmas seems so long away and for many of you online bingo cuties, another birthday bash is probably even further in the future.

Cool prizes up for grabs at Landmark Bingo
Cool prizes up for grabs at Landmark Bingo (07/09/2011)
Landmark Bingo is offering a number of great prizes as part of a new promotion.

Landmark Bingo
Landmark Bingo presents its Good Bye Bonus (31/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I can hardly believe that we online bingo ladies are within 24 hours of turning our calendars over into a new month.

Get your money back from Landmark Bingo
Get your money back from Landmark Bingo (17/08/2011)
Landmark Bingo is offering its members the chance to get their stakes back.

Win an iPod at Landmark Bingo! (11/08/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
All of us online bingo ladies like to have the flashiest gadgets and you can keep up with the times by winning an iPod this month.

Get dancing with Landmark Bingo
Get dancing with Landmark Bingo (10/08/2011)
You may wish to grab your dancing shoes before you visit Landmark Bingo this month.



Landmark Bingo Videos

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Landmark Bingo User Reviews


BEST BINGO fab i had lots of fun tonight ty


I LOVE LANDMARKBINGO ITíS THE BEST SITE EVER I PLAY FREE BINGO EVERYDAY LOVE wow wow iím speachless this is the best site ever . iíd never thought i would hit the jps but i did and iím just blown away .


landmark bings is a great sitecanble really friend


WOW! Gr8 site, Landmark Bingo have really pulled it out the hat! Thanks to all the Cms who make it so fun :)


This is the best site I have played in a long time. Briill sign up offers and I'm loving the cool design of the site!


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