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Play online bingo game -  WINK BINGO


15 free plus a 200% first deposit bonus!


 If you want an online bingo site that has it ALL, nudge nudge, wink wink, get to Wink Bingo. Wink Bingo is packed with outstanding prebuy games and opportunities to win fabulous prizes that you simply don't find anywhere else. Every week, play the 90 ball Booty Call to win iPods and other music gadgets, and dig up 75 ball Hidden Treasures where you could win anything from cameras to LCD TVs to laptops.



Wink Bingo Screenshots

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Wink Bingo offer superb speed bingo and free bingo, all with big juicy prizes you can't afford to miss. They also give players the chance to win £25,000 four times a year. Every time you play at Wink Bingo, you accumulate free Joy Points too, which you convert into free tickets before each game.

And every Friday at Wink, it's Risk Free - this means if you don't win, you get your money back on Monday. The free bingo bonuses are heavy on the ground at Wink Bingo too - sign today for your 200% free bingo bonus, plus 10% cashback for life.


Wink Bingo Stats

Free Money£15
90 Ball
75 Ball
80 Ball
Free Play200%
Free Trial
Loyalty Program
Number of Rooms24
Phone Support
Email Support
Live Chat Support

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All of these things add up to making Wink Bingo one of the most important and exciting sites of all time. Go through the quick, easy application process and you'll be a member of this outstanding bingo site in no time.




Wink Bingo Testimonials

£2,000 on £10k Risk-Free
I want to tell everybody! I'm really really excited about it and it was a lovely surprise to get it. I really enjoyed it. I can't believe it... I really can't believe it. I love Wink Bingo I really do, I love the chat games and it's good company for me. Thank you Wink.

won £2,500 on 10K Valentines
I almost fell off my chair when I saw my win...! Overjoyed and looking forward to treating my family to something special. Thank you Wink

won £12,000 on Wink Pays You 12K
Carol couldn't believe it when she was told she had won £1,000 a month for a year! She was absolutely speechless! She said it was brilliant news and that her children were really excited for her!






Wink Bingo Jackpots and Winners

  • Every Friday at 9PM, play a £500 Risk-Free Friday game.
  • Play 75 ball bingo every Monday at 9PM for a £500 jackpot.
  • There's a £1000 jackpot in the Tuesday room at 9PM.
  • Look out for a 90 ball Booty Call coming your way every Wednesday at 9:15PM
  • Play Wink Bingo every Thursday for a £500 jackpot at 9PM




Latest Promotions

Don't Bee DaftPromotion:The Don't Bee Dafft promotion is running from now until May 15th and there are some very special prizes available if you online bingo fans can fly to the top of the leaderboard.
First prize will get you a brand new Nintendo 3DS handheld console, while there's a Nintendo Wii console and Panasonic digital camera for second and third place respectively.
Just earn points by playing your favourite games.


From the moment you register at Wink Bingo, the free bingo bonuses start on flowing. Sign today for a 200% welcome bonus plus a go on Spin the Wheel, where you could win anything between £15 and £1000.

Friendships count at Wink - every time you make new bingo buddies, Wink Bingo reward you with extra bonus points.

Prebuy games are big news at Wink too - they take place every day with huge jackpots. Prizes include iPods, LCD TVs and laptops.

Wink Bingo give players the chance of winning £25,000 four times a year - earn free tickets by playing bingo on Wink and her sister sites.

Every weekend, Wink publish a weekend mailer - it contains bonus codes, one-offs and mega prize giveaways.

Play Risk Free Frisky Friday for a guaranteed £500. If you don't win, Wink give you your money back on a Monday.

Play at 8:45 PM, 365 days a year to win £150 in cash.

 If all that has got you blinking in disbelief, there is only one thing to do -get to Wink Bingo and sign right now.





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Wink Bingo
Wink Bingo serves up Risk Free Frisky Friday (02/12/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
If you're feeling blue after digging out so much for Christmas presents, then I've got just the remedy.

Wink Bingo
Race along to Speed Bingo at Wink Bingo (28/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
It's a new week and if rumours are correct, many of you online bingo babes would have blown a load of dosh over the fun-filled weekend.

Wink Bingo
Wink Bingo fires up a 500 Winker Warmer (22/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I'm surely not the only online bingo cutie who gets the shivers every time I step out of the front door.

Wink Bingo dons its Birthday Suit (11/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I'm sure that all of you online bingo ladies have donned a fancy dress costume which you'd rather forget ever existed.

Wink Bingo invites you to sample Team Bingo (03/11/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I know some of you online bingo lovelies feel you can take on the world alone, but I urge you to get a helping hand for your quest to glory.

Wink Bingo having a Risk Free Frisky Friday (28/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
No I'm not going mad, I've found a place where you online bingo lovelies can attempt to win a wad of cash or get your money back.

mini cooper
Win a MINI with Wink Bingo (20/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I can't think of a better way for you online bingo ladies to roll in 2012 than with a flash new car.

wink bingo
Wink Bingo introduces its Pinky Winky promotion (11/10/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
You don't always need to splash the cash in order to experience some delightful dips into the online bingo pool.

Enjoy a 500 Spa Escape with Wink Bingo (22/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
I don't think I can think of anything better than enjoying a spa day, where we online bingo babes can get pampered to our heart's desire.

ipod touch
Wink Bingo sending out a Booty Call (14/09/2011) - VIDEO NEWS
There's only one place that you online bingo babes need to be today ? set your sights towards Wink Bingo.

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Wink Bingo User Reviews


great sites great promos and great money cheap tickets loads of rooms to choose from


this is the friendliest site ever i think u dont mind losing a couple of quid if its a good laugh but from what i have won and seen others win id say to all hurry and join u wont regret it


Love this site although can get a bit busy at times. CM's are great and roomies really friendly. Money is good too.


winkbingo is where i started 2 play online bingo and its one of the best they did give £15 no deposit but thats now dropped to £10 which is still good they have 6/90s bingorooms which is about to increase with 8 extra rooms and 6/75 bingorooms, they give 200% 1st deposit then 50%on all others of at least £10,the cms are good with cm farley one of the best ive ever come across shes friendly helpful and wont put up with any rubbish from players who swear or cause trouble, its just a brill site, dont waste time reading this get 2 wink now lol


Can't believe this site gices a 200% bonus...really is a brill place to play the ghame we all love!


excellent site great payouts great promotions easy to use chat very friendly hosts excellent but need some more rooms and some guarnteed jackpots for bye the excellent 10k payout on the 10th of the montht keep up the good work


Great sign up bonus and £15 free play. The site is really easy to use too.


I love wink bingo and am a local at in the 5p rooms! I'm hoping my luck comes in and i win the monthly jackpot...


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